resource [rē′sôrs΄, rē′zôrs΄; ri sôrs′, rizôrs′]
[Fr ressource < OFr < resourdre, to arise anew < re-, again + sourdre, to spring up < L surgere: see SURGE]
1. something that lies ready for use or that can be drawn upon for aid or to take care of a need
2. [pl.] available money or property; wealth; assets
3. [pl.] something that a country, state, etc. has and can use to its advantage [natural resources, including coal and oil]
4. a means of accomplishing something; measure or action that can be resorted to, as in an emergency; expedient
5. [pl.] a source of strength or ability within oneself: in full inner resources
6. ability to deal promptly and effectively with problems, difficulties, etc.; resourcefulness
SYN.- RESOURCE applies to any thing, person, action, etc. to which one turns for aid in time of need or emergency [what resource is left us? ]; RESORT is usually used of a final resource, qualified as by last [we'll take the train as a last resort]; EXPEDIENT refers to something used to effect a desired end, specifically to something used as a substitute for the usual means [the daybed was an excellent expedient for unexpected guests ]; MAKESHIFT applies to a quick expedient and, as a somewhat derogatory term, connotes an inferior substitute, carelessness, etc. [she served sandwiches as a makeshift for dinner ]; STOPGAP refers to a temporary expedient, to be replaced when the usual means is again available [he's just a stopgap until a new manager is appointed ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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